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IMU4000 - The newest arrival

IMU4000 completes our compact immunity family. Based on the user friendly touch panel and colour graphics interface, IMU4000 builds on the success of the EMC PARTNER Operating System (EPOS). Modular architecture is a time and moneysaving feature, enabling on-site upgrades of ESD, EFT, CWG, AC/DC DIPS, INTERRUPTS, VARIATIONS and COMMON MODE circuits. Explore here...

Certified Calibration Quality

CERTIFIED-NEWS-PICWith the number SCS129, EMC PARTNER is now certified by the Swiss Calibration Service (SCS) to perform accredited calibrations in accordance with ISO17025.
This is a further example of EMC PARTNER’s commitment to increasing the quality of our products. Our environmentally controlled calibration lab is ready and able to support new and existing customers with this new service. Explore here...

IMU3000 with 8kV pulses and touchpanel control!

imu cutted New ideas and new technologies are needed to meet the demands of a constantly evolving market. IMU3000 introduces a graphical user interface that every mobile device user will recognise. Easy navigation using a touch panel and rotary knob make IMU3000 the most powerful addition in every EMC laboratory. An Ethernet interface enables control, communication and report generation using the ALL NEW TEMA 3000 software with custom report generator. Explore here...