Company Philosophy

Our objective is to reach the standards of high quality for products and services demanded by the market place. This objective is central to our quality statement.

To achieve this, our quality statement has been integrated into and occupies a leading role in our business practices.


In principle this means:

- We want to be amongst the most customer oriented companies in the test equipment sector
   relevant to our products.


For EMC PARTNER AG this means:

- We meet the needs of our customers through reliable products, services and consultation.

- Our stated objective is to avoid errors in the first place, rather than have to correct them later.
   „Get it right the first time.“

- We are engaged in ensuring the long term commercial success of EMCP, in order to secure jobs.  

- We care for the health and well-being of our workers and strive to minimize environmental impact.


All these objectives lead to continual improvements in company processes.

To achieve this requires that every worker systematically makes themselves aware of the quality requirements and receives appropriate training, so that the stated objectives can be met. We are constantly striving to create a working environment (defined in the EMCP company culture) whereby every worker is motivated and has the opportunity to contribute towards meeting these objectives. High quality, failure free products and services can only be delivered to our internal and external customers when every worker is fully engaged in the process.