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EMC PARTNER products are 100% designed and produced at our purpose built facility in Laufen, North West Switzerland. Our location ensures a ready supply of skilled workers and easy access to international airports. To produce a high quality innovative product requires many skills. The different departments at EMC PARTNER are all specialists in their respective fields. Our employees are fully engaged through fair working conditions and a family atmosphere. Further training and education is part of the company philosophy, this extends to providing places and training for technical apprentices. We invest in our future!. An ERP system brings all processes together with a single aim, to constantly improve quality and meet customer expectations.


To keep pace with the ever changing requirements of national and international standards, our development team is continuously searching for new and innovative solutions to meet the evolving markets. Hardware and software are inseparable in modern test equipment. Our engineers work to ensure customers benefit from the latest technologies.

The use of high quality materials is the foundation of our production. Trained and qualified personnel contribute to ensuring a reliable product. The implementation of latest production techniques at all levels from assembly of circuit boards, right through to finished instruments increases quality.

prfung2Test and Calibration
The quality and reliability of our products is guaranteed through a rigorous test regime. During the production process, individual modules are tested for functionality before being integrated into a finished instrument. Final production test involves "burn-in" and a complete calibration using an automated software package. Every instrument leaving our factory is accompanied by a copy of the test data.

prodQuality Management
All the processes at EMC PARTNER are checked and controlled by the quality department. With responsibility for ensuring all documentation is up-to-date, quality management is a key element in maintaining high standards throughout the company.

As a company accredited under the Swiss government "known consignor" scheme, EMC PARTNER follow a strict process throughout the stocking, packaging and shipment of products. This is a safety function that ensures our overseas customers receive their equipment in a timely manner and without lengthy security and custom delays.

A worldwide network of companies has been carefully selected to represent EMC PARTNER in all major industrial nations. Continuous training and distribution of information about the latest product innovations ensures our customers have a competent partner to consult with. Supported by a team of dedicated sales personnel at the factory in Laufen, we are able to provide fast and accurate responses to customer requests.

logisticsCustomer Service
After many years in service, it may be necessary to send an instrument for repair, update or calibration to our factory. Experienced engineers are able to perform these functions in the most expeditious manner possible. Product training is carried out in our high voltage laboratory, where customers are made familiar with the functions and application of their test equipment. We also offer the possibility to support our partners using High Definition video conferencing. Our calibration laboratory accredited to ISO 17025 with the accreditation number SCS 129.