EMC 2012 Shanghai

::messe_titel::EMC 2012 Shanghai::/messe_titel::
::messe_shorttext::eing the largest EMC/EMI/Certification/Safety exhibition China, China International Conference & Exhibition on Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC/China 2012) is a bridge to link up the trade business on a global scale. On November 5 –7, 2012, EMC/China 2012 will be held at Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center. Inspired and supported by the success of the last show, the sponsor will extend the scope of the exhibition to guarantee the influence so that EMC/China 2012 will be essential to every manufacturer, trader or end-user.
EMC/China 2012 has two parts: exhibition and seminars. At that time the exhibition will give the opportunity for the attendees to fully present their products; meanwhile visitors will deeply communicate with the enterprises by visiting the show and participating the seminar.::/messe_shorttext::
::messe_link::http://www.emcexpo.com ::/messe_link::