The Company

Since Martin Lutz founded EMC PARTNER AG in 1994 with a small team of engineers, the company has grown to be one of the leading players in the design and manufacture of conducted immunity test instruments. Innovation has always been key to the growth and success of EMC PARTNER AG. This is clearly illustrated through the TRA family of compact immunity testers. TRA1000 was the first of its kind, offering an affordable solution to the new CE marking requirements. This was swiftly followed by the ESD3000, for the first time offering 30kV impulses using battery power. 20 years later it is still the only tester of its kind.

Immunity remains the core business of EMC PARTNER AG, but with products covering avionics, military and component testing, the company has become an established player on the world stage.

Our Customers

EMC PARTNER AG is established as a world class designer and manufacturer of test instrumentation. Major international brands are amongst the extensive customer base. Many are household names or are recognised as leaders in their particular fields of endeavour. EMC PARTNER AG is proud to support all our customers wherever they are and whatever they do.




Martin Lutz
Managing Director

Product Milestones

2013 TEMA3000 Software Suite

tema thumbLatest generation software for use with EMC PARTNER Operating System (EPOS). Interfaces to generator through Ethernet port, reducing the need for specialist and expensive hardware interfaces. Forward looking software suite designed to run on operating systems from Windows 7 and upwards. Graphic user interface with icons to simplify operation.

2012 IMU3000

Immunity Tester with 8kV pulses and touchpanel control.
New ideas and new technologies are needed to meet the demands of a constantly evolving market. IMU3000 introduces a graphical user interface that every mobile device user will recognise. Easy navigation using a touch panel and rotary knob make IMU3000 the most powerful addition in every EMC laboratory. An Ethernet interface enables control, communication and report generation using the ALL NEW TEMA 3000 software with custom report generator.
Modular architecture enables on-site upgrades saving time and money. Surge voltages up to 8kV combine with EFT up to 6kV to make IMU3000 the automatic choice for manufacturers and test labs wishing to cover all international standards.

2012 Certified Calibration Quality

CERTIFIED-NEWS-PICWith the number SCS129, EMC PARTNER is now certified by the Swiss Calibration Service (SCS) to perform accredited calibrations in accordance with ISO17025.
This is a further example of EMC PARTNER’s commitment to increasing the quality of our products. Our environmentally controlled calibration lab is ready and able to support new and existing customers with this new service.

2010 TRANSIENT 3000

TRANSIENT 3000The journey continues. Third generation compact EMC tester.
The world's first compact tester to include Common Mode test capability for IEC61000-4-16.
Ethernet interface and USB port enable fast, trouble free data exchange with a PC.
Integrated web server provides test reports in a web browser. 

2009 MIG9603 (24kV up to 144kV)

MIG9603Solid state impulse generator for insulation testing up to 96kV.
Modular design enables on-site expansion in 24kV stages up to 140kV. 

2008 Airbus Voltage Spikes for 115V / 230V (400Hz) AC Systems

FX-AMD24CFor the A350 XWB aircraft, Airbus have issued the test standard AMD-24C.
Fx-AMD-24C is a module for the popular MIG2000-6 system.
All impulses for AC and DC power interfaces are available (2/10µs, 2/50µs, 2/100µs, 2/200µs and 2/400µs).

2007 Damped Oscillatory "Fast Waves"


3MHz, 10MHz and 30MHz extension to existing "slow wave" generator.

MIG-OS-OM-EXT is a plug and play solution for EMCP customers who already own MIG-OS-OSI, MIG0603OSI, MIG0603OMI and MIG-OS-OM generators.

CDN3000-06-25 enbables superposition onto three phase mains supplies of following impulse types:

- 3MHz, 10MHz, 30MHz "fast waves"
- 100kHz, 1MHz "slow waves"
- EFT/Burst
- combination wave
- ring wave 100kHz

2007 PS3 Power Supply

PS3Extends the TRA- and HAR-System for immunity and emission tests.
Easy powering equipment with different power supply voltages and frequencies.

2006 Fully Automatic Telecom Test System

MIG1206-3P-32MIG1206-xP-32T incoporates CWG up to 12kV and 10/700µs up to 6kV for enhanced level testing according to ITU-T-K20 and ITU-T-K21. Available as single phase or three phase units.

2005 DO-160 / Voltage Spikes Tests

MIG2000-6Additional modules for the already popular MIG2000-6 system.
Voltage spike tests according to DO160 section 17.
Induced spike tests according to DO160 section 19.

2002 MIG2000-6

The modular tester with plug-in for MIL461 testing

2002 ESD3000

The modular Electro-Static-Discharge System up to 30 kV

2001 MIG-2000

The new impulse tester control concept

2000 TRA2000

Improved version of the successful TRA1000 with larger display and graphical user interface

1999 MIG Damped Oscillatory Waves

Electronic switch in accordance with IEC and ANSI standards

1998 MIG Aircraft System

MIG0600MS MIG-OS-MB lightningUp to full levels for single pulse, multiple stroke and multiple burst

1998 MIG Modular Impulse Generator

New high voltage switch. New generator concept. Patent pending.

1997 HARMONICS-1000

Harmonics measurement system with integrated amplifier. Flicker with LISN.

1995 TRANSIENT-1000

The first one-box solution on the market