Cable bundle testing up to 6cm diameter

Current waveforms with CN-CI-I1
WF1 6.4/69µs up to L5(3200A)
WF5A 40/120µs up to L5(5000A)
WF5B 50/500µs up to L5(5000A)

 Voltage waveforms with CN-CI-V1
WF4 6.4/69µs up to L3(300V)
WF5A 40/500µs up to L3(300V)

Connect couplers in series for higher voltage test levels.
2x CN-CI-V1 + CN-CI-I1

WF4 6.4/69µs up to L5(1600V)
WF5A 40/500µs up to L5(1600V)
WF5B 50/500µs up to L3(300V)