Asia Exhibitions

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EMC 2012 Shanghai

::messe_titel::EMC 2012 Shanghai::/messe_titel::
::messe_shorttext::eing the largest EMC/EMI/Certification/Safety exhibition China, China International Conference & Exhibition on Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC/China 2012) is a bridge to link up the trade business on a global scale. On November 5 –7, 2012, EMC/China 2012 will be held at Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center. Inspired and supported by the success of the last show, the sponsor will extend the scope of the exhibition to guarantee the influence so that EMC/China 2012 will be essential to every manufacturer, trader or end-user.
EMC/China 2012 has two parts: exhibition and seminars. At that time the exhibition will give the opportunity for the attendees to fully present their products; meanwhile visitors will deeply communicate with the enterprises by visiting the show and participating the seminar.::/messe_shorttext::
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::messe_titel::INCEMIC 2012::/messe_titel::
::messe_shorttext::The Society of EMC Engineers (India), popularly known as SEMCE(I), established in Bangalore in 1987, is celebrating its eventful 25 years of professional services in the field of Electromagnetic Compatibility in the year 2012. This silver jubilee is a celebrative milestone in the journey of our vision and is a time for us to look back and thank every person who has contributed to the growth of our society. It is of great pleasure to announce that the 12th edition of our prime biennial event, the International Conference on Electromagnetic Interference & Compatibility (INCEMIC) falls in the silver jubilee year. INCEMIC 2012 will be held from 4-7 December 2012 in Bangalore, India.::/messe_shorttext::